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    Here are some reading passages. Your task is to choose the correct vocabulary.

    This course will help prepare you for the different levels of the Eiken and TOEIC tests. It will also help you improve your vocabulary.

    このコースでは、英検とTOEICテストのさまざまなレベルのための準備に 役に立ちます。

    Practice for the EIKEN.

    These are EIKEN listening tests for Levels Pre-1, 2, and Pre-2.


    Do the quizzes.

    These quizzes and resources are to help you improve your English and your English listening ability. Please study efficiently:
    listen, review vocabulary, listen again.

    Listen and answer the questions

    このコースは北陸大学の総合英語 II(リスニングとスピーキング)の授業をより充実させる為にできています。

    This course complements your face-to-face class time.

    This course is Listening and Speaking course for Mirai Sozo Gakubu 未来創造学部 students.

    Listen to Real World Discussions and Do the Exercises


    A Place for Experiments